This Damed Family Man - Sad Commentary

The personal issue asper role

of fatherhood, I did address

in psycho therapy

earlier today, particularly dynamics

between self (birth father),

and eldest daughter

matter of factly confess

sing, how his (mine)

behavior affected her express

lee during her formative years,

and doth readily admit

this papa felt

accurate to second guess

some aspects asper

retrospective interactions less

sunned prospect for healthy

paternal bond, when mess

elf unwittingly allows,

that my being unemployed ness

esse sear really did cause agony,

especially NOT able

to sound im press

sieve, when class

mates naturally, necessarily,

and nonchalantly

inquired asper livelihood

about father, and mother

feeling sorely Tess

Ted most likely painfully

writhing with psycho

logical agony aver

ring, that this dada,


NOR mama didst

NOT work, perhaps cur

sing thy role in begetting her,

(no matter emotional debacles plagued

me entire mein kempf

like a sharp spur

severely disabling thine ability

establishing a solid whir

king track record, plus abhorred,

aggrieved, and appalled

at deplorable, despicable, and

detestable awful

house keeping bald

lee obvious in some instances

children, and family services

(of Norristown, Pennsylvania) called

offering, or rather decreed

that dramatic improvements made

in order for thy house

hold to be freed

the reasonable mandatory checklist

(to avoid compromising welfare

of minors), thus

obligation to heed

proscribed safety measures need

did to be obeyed lest...with light speed

our deux darling heiresses weed

never see again if they

got forcibly taken away

fortunately though

we parents did not delay

following sanctioned


dictates - hooray,

yet subsequent discord

wrought by my cum play

cent risque extra-marital trysts.











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