I look at myself
Night and day
I look at myself
Going astray

Days go by
Moments pass
I shatter more each day
Just like frail glass

To always survive
It is the rule
But to live
It is just too cruel

In this world
I do not belong
I am but  harmony
In a melancholic song

Slipping through the years
Like a gentle summer breeze
I am begging to you
Will you help me, please?

End the nightmares
And bring the dreams
Do not give up
Because of my screams

Wake me up
Show me what's real
Oh my darling
Isn't this a thrill?

It is but in my mind
For you are not here
It is just in my mind
That you I can hear

It is but in my mind
That you exist
A horrible need to be saved
Got me lost within the mist.

I go back to my reflection
And within I see
None of this is real
But my desire to be free.

Maybe I am crazy
Or perhaps I am sane
I stare at my reflection
Glaring nothing but pain


  • sylviasearcher

    I felt ever word

    How often I stare in the mirror like this but cannot seem to put words to the reflection...

    • Agiel

      Me as well. So I decided to describe as best as I can, how I feel.

      • sylviasearcher

        You did an amazing job

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