Jesse G.

full circle

the sweetest dreams float beneath my feet
I heard my son today
the innocence feels malicious
in a world so new the malice is mine
I often look up to see such passion
it isn't there
I haven't created that yet
my passion is in the young mind still forming
if I watch I see the things I forgot
the magic of life is in not knowing.
it's in knowing you don't know
don't be rigid
whatever exists in your mind exists
you are it!
the creator.
and the created,
respect it all
it is you.
you can't exist without everything else.
I could tell my son he's acting out of character.
that famous line.
his character is built by observing others
to say he's wrong is no place of mine.
I'd say quit the play and be real with me and he will but it's also play.
can't you see the gods playing within us
and that's also me
the world is exactly how you want it
at every moment.
you can spin a yin yang and see 2 fish eating each other
or see 2 fish dancing.
that's my desire.
I'm happy to see me leave while you grow.
maybe you will join me someday!
in the green lands of imagination.
the place where our ancestors still grow.

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