Sugiura Asuna

The Shit-show of What Feels like the Century

It took minutes

That thing that felt like it took hours

A dysfunctional friend group

The one that wasn't there through thick an thin

A 2-minute shit show

It comes with free-tickets and a prime spot

An endless amount of time and words for weapons

Filled with plot twists and "I didn't see that coming"

An unexpected start and an explosive finale

Something that's unforgettable and bound to be repeated



  • Unsub


    time to find a new group or try going it alone. getting dragged into egotistic & drama queens is never a healthy existence.

    Think you've spelt like wrong in your title unless that's a new hip way of spelling it.

    Enjoy finding some sane friends; that won't be easy.


    • Sugiura Asuna

      Sorry to see your comment so late, while your advice is sound, it fails to think of the emotional attachments (lame I know, but nonetheless they need to be considered) a lot of these kids I've known since I was like 6. And while they do care about me, and I them, I do agree I need new friends. However feelings tend to be a bitch when it comes to branching off, and my social situation is another factor to consider.
      Besides, no one is completely sane, pick your crazy, and love them for it. It\'s why most guys call their girls crazy, its because we all are, just in different flavors. and, I've tried facing the world alone. I got trapped with my thoughts for a little too long.

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