brianna jean zeiger

The seasons are changing- so am I.


The world is so bright, 

Flowers are blooming,

Looking so graceful.

The sun is beating,

Heating the air around us. 

As I stand-outside,

The insects crawl around my bare feet,

Just trying to survive like all of us. 

Freedom surrounds little towns everywhere, 

Of teenagers having the time of their lives.

The world is so active. 

Happiness and beauty fills the air. 




Vibrant leaves fall around my small body,

Scattered on the ground,

Carelessly laying there, 

Being so gracefully beautiful, 

Waiting for the breeze to fly them away,

To explore the world around them

I wish I was that way.

The world around me brings peace.

The smell of burning wilted leaves fill my lungs with such a enchanting scent. 

The sound of laughter fills my ears as I see children gather onto a yellow bus going back to school. 

Happiness is all around. 



Snow covering the beautiful world with white making it so bright yet,

so dull. 

Staying inside because

the bitter coldness is too much to withhold,

The ice-kissed windows looks so brilliantly constructed as if someone made it.

The world seems so lifeless, 

So bare,

But so pure,

But at night when the holiday lights,

Overcast the snow with beautiful colors, 

You can’t help but stare. 

If only I were to hold such beauty. 




The world comes back to life.

Effortlessly warming up the air around us.

The animals come out of hibernation,

The insects start their lives again. 

The flowers start to come alive again,

Unforgettable shades of green covers the ground and the trees,

Which seems to happen over night, 

More people are out,

Enjoying the brisk weather. 

Not yet perfect, 

But beautiful

And appreciated. 





  • poetboy5454

    A beautiful piece.

  • yellowrose

    Lovely words 🙂🙂

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