The Awkward Man In the Corner

I saw you standing there,

my friends addressed you as the "awkward man in the corner"

Your face was covered with the thinning black locks of hair,

that once resembled a thick lion's mane prior to your eating disorder.


I couldn't understand why they viewed you as inferior,

maybe it's from your shadow like stance against the wall.

But how does that make them inviolable, when their interior

is full of dark insecurity and self hatred that is capable of wanting to make a kind heart fall?


When I looked at you,

I saw beauty in the watery glass that was formed in your eyes.

For behind those storms you've fought was an ocean of bright blue,

and held a deepness more intricate than the soaring skies.


You wore long-sleeves to hide the scars on your wrist,

that others have shamed you for with words sharper than the blade you used last year.

But I see someone who is strong, with cells fighting to heal your wounds that blood once kissed,

and a beautiful soul that is fighting, fighting through his fear.


Maybe you hate the way your voice cracks when you speak,

or your distorted view of yourself in the mirror.

Maybe you hate the redness that forms in your cheek,

when social interactions become nearer.


But these insecurities are signs of strength and power,

and a betterment of yourself.

You are slowly becoming an indestructible tower,

that will soar through black clouds and withstand itself.

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