Claudelle DeLuna

The couple


The seductive dance of air and smoke,

Dancing in unison they become one!

A sensual dance of love,

Never known to water and waves,

As they only dance with their feet on the floor,

Unlike air and smoke who levitate,

To an unconscious ecstasy!

Only they two know exactly where it's going …





    BUENAS DIAS CLAUDELLE: ANGELA here. BRIAN is on the Plane flying out to NZ to be with me por DOS SEMANAS : Gloria a DIOS. I love the sensual effect of INCENSE and it is an integral part of AROMATHERAPY & MASSAGE! Your Perfect Poem today is very apt for US because after three months 11,500 miles apart we will be TOGETHER AGAIN!

    Dancing in unison they become ONE
    A sensual dance of LOVE
    Only they TWO know where its going!

    Thanks for caring & sharing
    Love & Blessings ANGELA XXXX

    Your elegant picture reminded me of my SALON
    Please check my Poem TOGETHER AGAIN

  • orchidee

    A fine write and pic though Claudelle. Too much of it makes me cough though! lol.

  • FineB

    What a stunning, sensual poem.

    Thanks Claudelle.

    The beautiful picture compliments your poem.

    Keep writing

    • Claudelle DeLuna

      Thank you for your lovely comment! FineB
      Have a super Saturday!

    • dusk arising

      Peace and love.

      • Claudelle DeLuna

        Thank you for your nice comment! Dusk

      • Jon Nakapalau

        Very nice way of describing that special connection we all look for.

      • H. Ray Davis

        Beautiful write.

      • Neville

        you have described the marriage dance of air and smoke very well indeed..... thoroughly enjoyed.. N

        • Claudelle DeLuna

          Thank you for reading and commenting on this poem!
          Greatly appreciated­čśŐ

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