Confia.En.Tu.Corazon 87

Pretty little disaster

       You never knew when her mood could change like the tied to the roaring ocean she could be settled and calm or come crashing into you like a brick wall.

    Her heart she left last, she always had the desire to put others first not because she wanted to but it was just her flaw to be last. She had the beautiful disaster to her you couldn't help but watch even when she was falling apart.

    She had a way of keeping everyone secrets closely knitted so perfectly together like a quilt of words and secrets wrapped around her heart that she held on to for her own keeping. The thing about her as she always put others before herself her fault in this life a groundskeeper for the living and dead she kept hidden inside, that surely kills her inside.

   It was never her choice more of a gift some would call it. Her mind is an ocean of a million thoughts words scrabbled together sorting them out quietly in her mind. Rethinking and reorganizing everything she stored for the beginning of her life. Carefully labeled with memory and conversations she often comes back to visit this is what she calls home her mind of treasures hidden in a chest far from anyone to see.

    She often takes trips in her mind far from reality where she can be herself where she feels more comfortable without question. She would replay movies in her mind of memories that made her happy and moments that made her feel the safest. She lined each of them up so neatly in her mind a vault of imagery a dimension of accuracy perfectly meant for only her to see.

   Empathy she has, maybe too much, she feels too much. More like a curse to her feeling energy flow her like a voltage ready to explode! Normal, she would like to feel, happy! More than just a day. Wish I didn't feel this way. Her compassion is taken for granted so is her love that she seems to give.

   This world is tearing her down like a twister destroying everything in its way. But her escape was in her mind a perfect paradise way from this world that was too cold to take. She was a pretty little disaster and it was okay.

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