Dante & Sable

A young boy named Dante and his best friend Sable went off into the woods to play during one morning, this was the pair’s favorite place to be. Away from everyone and shaded by the ever towering canopy, it was their home away from home. There they laid on the chilly grass, the mass of clovers comforting them, staring up at the trees. They talked for hours until Dante’a eyes finally drifted off. 


Dante awakes due to the sun’s rays piercing through the canopy’s holes and shining into his face, he rolls over to find he is alone. “Sable?!” He calls out to his missing friend. A second passes before a giggle echos through the trees. Without thought he rushes through the tree line. After a brief sprint he pauses near a creek, spotting Sable crouched down messing with a dead crow. “What are you doing Sable? Put that down!” He demands a pit forming in his stomach. Sable drops the bird and flashes a smile “It’s just a dead crow, silly!” She says followed by a giggle. “Let’s play hide and seek, I’ll count!” She quickly exclaims. Dante barely nods his head. “Okay...but no peeking!” He sprints off into the woods, running as fast as possible.

“One.....two...” Sable begins to count loudly. Dante nearly trips over a log, but continues to press forward searching for the best hiding spot.

“Seven......eight....” Sable screams.

Dante spots the perfect spot, a weird looking rock formation sticking out of the ground.

“Ready or not here I come!” Sable’s voice echoes. Dante approaches the rock formation to find its not a rock at all. Rather metal spikes jutting up from the earth’s surface. As well as a body, impaled onto the polished spikes, an eerie dark red substance slowly sliding down the spike. Dante notices the body is of a young girl about his age, she’s wearing a dress oddly similar to Sable’s. He takes two steps around the spikes to where he can see the face, his jaw drops. The lifeless face stuck in a forever screaming face full of agony is none other than his best friend. That’s when he hear’s the giggle.


  • orchidee

    Oooh a good write Reyas. Why did I have to turn up there and giggle? I'm a pest! heehee.

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