Late Nights (Spoken)

I just want you to wear your heart on your sleeve so I can do it too, i feel like I’m alone with a whole heart beating on my sleeve whilst yours is tucked away, making me pray that one day I don’t become prey, when you realise everything’s changed from that day to that night. 

Love is such a harsh feeling which makes you say things you don’t want to say, just to make him stay, but when his love is finished just know everything is all over. 


You can’t cry in front of your men they say, but why can’t he just see my heart sank that day;


“Do something about it!” He said as if it’s easy to make a change, the pain cuts deep, and the tears flow with the dreams of the goal I once achieved. He doesn’t understand my mind...


The complexity of a woman’s emotions can make a man crumb, but he puts up a hard shell, to block the evil spell called depression, I could go on and on about depression but I might just fall back into aggression, I just hope I’ve learnt a lesson, to stay far far away from suppression 


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