If It Was Not For Esther

She was an obedient woman.

She had a beautiful face.

Despite growing up with no parents,

she carried herself with grace.

After the king saw her,

he gave her a beautiful place.

Her uncle said,

'Just don't him about your family,

your nationality or your race'.

So one night her uncle was outside,

standing by the gate,

as he overheard two nobleman,

secretly planning the king's fate.

So the uncle went,

and told his niece,

who was now the queen,

and she passed the message,

giving her uncle the credit,

as she told the king.

The king was filled with anger,

and the two men were hung.

We must always remember queen Esther,

and all the things she has done.



  • orchidee

    And they do remember - the Jews, at the annual festival of Purim.

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