Nicki Jackson

My broken heart

I lay here in the dark

Waiting for you to come back

Waiting for a call

I know this is all my fault

I didn't mean to hurt you

It was all in my head

I want your touch

I want your kiss

But I lost it


Hold me

Pull me close

Please forgive me

The pain I have is unbearable

It seems like I have nothing

to look forward to anymore

After work I just go home

I don’t get to see you

I can’t call when I’m driving

I just miss your voice


If I would of known

That the last time we kissed

Was in fact the last time

I would of held you

A little longer

I would of touched you

A little softer


But no

I had to be immature

I had to be a jerk

I hurt you

I broke us apart

My happiness is gone

And I took yours too


  • dusk arising

    Well time will tell if the depth of your shared together was mutual. We all make mistakes, we all should be prepared to forgive. Loving is difficult when we idealise a partner beyond their reality.
    However your immediate future pans out, you will undoubtedly move on from this. Don't beat yourself up.
    Your writing here certainly drew me in, touched my feelings, achieved a reaction. So it's good writing.

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