Missing Time



Missing time Missing time

silently I repeat this to myself

Deep down inside my heart

I know I am stuck like Chuck

Here I' am in  the middle of nowhere

I doubt anyone knows who where I' am

People stop to stare 

Wondering where I came from

I knew I should listen when

my father said leave that time machine alone

Now I' am stuck


Not knowing how to get back home

I can hear my mom crying

I can hear her voice arguing

again again with my

father about how he should never

built that DAMN time machine

Now my baby is gone...

Each and everyday I hope to return home

but I have to face reality

I' am stuck like Chuck

I' am stuck like Chuck

Hopefully my parents will find me

but mean while 

I  will patiently wait for them to arrive

But in reality I will  have to face the truth and start a

new life without my family....

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