Ten Word Story

He laughed as the sun burned his spaceship into dust.

A trip to the sun was not his best choice.

Afterall he was sure his destiny was endless empty darkness.

He thought a sunny vacation would brighten his mood, but...

The light compelled his eyes towards a peculiar dancing shadow.

His heart missed a beat; his soul smiled back, waving!

From the waving shadows his final words screamed for end.

His soul turned his back & leaped into the flames.


  • sylviasearcher


  • Unsub

    NOTE: Unsub did not fully understand the concept here & wrongly thought we were meant to create one story from ten word lines.

    I see now the whole point was ten separate stories.

    I'll get it right next time but I still had great fun!


    • sylviasearcher

      Oh whose to say when a story begins and ends.

      I'd call it poetic licence 🙃

      Thanks for collaborating

    • Unsub

      Poetic licence? Neither of us have one of those!



      • sylviasearcher

        Shhh! Don't tell everyone 😳

      • Jhe

        that was a strangely amazing sci fi ride
        well done both of you !!

        • sylviasearcher

          Thanks JHE, I had a very talented writer help me 🌟

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