Clipped Wings

I’m an angel, sitting here with a gun to my head.

 Pull the trigger, wanna pull it twice.

 Clipped wings and teary eyes, a broken smile and a heart of ice.

 What’s the point of living if it’s always a dream?

I’m and angel, sitting here with a gun to my head.

 Feel my heart stop, a little smile shone.

 I’m numb, and so alone. I’ve never really had a place to call home.

 What’s the point of dreaming if it’s nothing but a lie.

There’s an angel, sitting here with a gun to her head.

 She’s screaming so loud, but no one hears a sound.

Shattered dreams come crashing down, Endless fears closing in, she was drowned.

 Snuff the candle. That’s this story’s end…..this story’s end.


  • sylviasearcher

    Oh reminds me of a garbage song I used to listen to when I was full of self loathing.

    How does the tune go?

    Thanks for sharing

    • Mene

      It's really old, the tune is really weird. Thanks for reading.

      • sylviasearcher

        You should share it. It would make the sentiment more profound 🖤

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      • Theta the scholar

        Very nice

        • Mene

          Thank you. It's old, I could do better, I was just....troubled then, I suppose.

        • misskay

          Beautifully done 👏🏻

        • lcmcfadden

          Thanks for sharing. Very nice.

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