Theta the scholar

Death of a child

    - It happened quickly without warning or sound

Living this lifestyle I am now bound

   - To live life as if it was an ice sculpture melting at the seems

Why do I face it when I can drown in my dreams in my sleep?

   - Is it hope of redemption or greatness or sheer will

Is it yearning for happiness for my heart to be filled?

  - What happened to the old me talkative and sweet?

When being around others was considered a treat

   - Was it a hallucination, a trap or maybe a ruse?

Where did all the good times go, I’m so confused

    - School and work and the occasional situation

From this stressed filled schedule I need a vacation

   - But adult good times are coming but not for a while

I say “adult” because I’ve experienced the death of a child


  • Mene

    This poem is relatable. I've had to grow up quick. My parents believe in taking up the role of someone years older at a young age. So the childhood I had , though carefree, was very brief.

    • Theta the scholar

      Thank you very much jester for the kind comments If you like this poem check out other poems by me and I’d like to tackle other themes do if youhave any recommendations let me know

      • Mene

        Have you written a poem with Time as a theme. Time is such a curious thing, I feel you could say a thousands words to describe it but you'd never have enough. I've also always found it quite amusing to write about.

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