Saying farewell

Today I said goodbye

To the last anchor to my childhood

It was her time to die

And I would be happy for her if I could


I wished her well as she lay so still

'Sleep with the angels 'I whispered

To ease her passing if you will


And I would not have held her here

When I knew her spirit

Was yearning and without fear


But in her was the last of my mothers friends

And this wisp of connection

Was part of what I did not wish to end


I have said goodbye so often

Over recent years

I no longer know if I cry from grief

Or if the origin is more selfish for these tears


I know I must let go

And hold the memories close

But giving up these moments of sadness

Is like the last piece that I must let loose


I'm tired now of saying goodbye

Instead I will take those I cherished in my heart

And carry on with living so that of my life

They can always be a part.

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