H. Ray Davis


My dear, I am in debt to you. 

For the times I have looked at you, my eyes are filled with joy. 

I owe you. For the sweetness of the things you have spoken to me are like drops of honey melting on my tongue.

I am in debt to you. For the brief times I have held you I have lived a lifetime of love. 

I owe you. For all of the nights I have dreamed of our next meeting. 

I live with the constant aching of feeling my hand on your face and the hope of a look of contentment in your eyes.

I am sure I will live my life a debtor. How could I ever repay the happiness you have given back to me? 

Before you my smile was only a reflex, but now a permanent thing that glows inside of me. 

My love, I am in debt to you.


H R Davis


  • Fay Slimm

    Romantic and very appealing H.R. - the lady in question will be delighted to read this confession of indebted love. Look forward to reading more of your work.

  • H. Ray Davis

    Thank you. These letters are a collection of things left unsaid to the woman I’ve created in my mind, but I’m glad someone likes them.

  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Very nice poem! H.R. Davis
    I like the picture of the couple as well. a loving way to express gratitude towards a romantic partner.

    • H. Ray Davis

      That’s probably my favorite painting. “The Kiss” by Gustov Klimpt

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