More Time

One of the weapons,

often used in the devil's arsonal,

is a simple one.

Yet, it is very effective,

on many people.

The target he often seeks out,

are those that do not have a problem,

with God's people.

They do not have a problem with Christianity.

They do not even have a problem,

with someone who bases,

their life on the Bible.

Rather they respect Christians,

for their convictions.

So what makes those people,

so vulnerable and susceptible,

and what attracts the devil,

to those people?

He sees that they themselves,

do not have Christ.

Despite the fact,

that they know of Christ,

the devil tricks them,

into thinking that they

will have more time -

more time to accept,

Christ into their lives.

They think,

'I will accept Christ into my heart another time.

I am young. I will eventually,

accept Christ when I am older.

I will do it when I am on my deathbed'.

Whether they intend to or not,

no one knows,

how much time we have,

here on this earth.

Christ may come back tomorrow,

or he may come back in seventy years,

or maybe you might die tomorrow.

What will have happened,

to all the time,

you thought that you had?

Because you decided to wait,

and put Christ off,

you are now spending,

an eternity in hell.

Now for those who still think,

'Well God is an ever loving God.

He would not send me to hell.

I treated his people good. I am

a good person',

I will say that you are right,

about him being,

an ever loving God.

Still, he is also a very fair God,

and while people were suffering,

for his name,

you had rejected him,

so that you could live how you wanted,

because you thought,

that you had more time,

and God does not reward that.

So please, do not put Christ off.

No one knows,

how much time they have.

People may ask,

'Dion, why are you telling me this'?

Because if I don't,

than who will?

Accept Christ now.

Nothing can be more important.


  • orchidee

    A true write. We need spiritual understanding and light. Not the Enlightenment of years ago, which in fact caused darkness, I believe.

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