Poetic Dan

I on compass

In the West
You find what I Iove most
Unwavering power to never give up
Forever excepting change has to come

In the East
You find what I love least
Trigger of the inner beast
Forever taming its ferociousness

In the South
You find all my loving darkness
With an ability to endlessly harvest
Magic is more than an eyes colarges

In the North
You find my love yet unknown
Rooted from every single souls poem
Proudly standing as a mighty oak forest

Compass with I and turned on
Altogether will give you compassion

  • Author: Poetic Dan (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 24th, 2018 04:33
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  • Laura🌻


    Using the four cardinal directions as your focal points will have a great outcome! I totally enjoyed the musical clip!


    • Poetic Dan

      Saw me through this dark spell that's for sure.
      Happy Friday glad you joined the sway x

      • Laura🌻

        My dear Poetic Brother,
        By reading your poetry, I can’t help but join the sway!

        Your Poetic Blister 😉

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      • ExistentialSarah

        "In the South
        You find all my loving darkness
        With an ability to endlessly harvest
        Magic "

        This. Why does this resonate with me? "Loving darkness". I cant decide if its a positive statement or a negative one, but perhaps its a bit of both and that's the point...either way...its a powerful force that is able to "endlessly harvest magic" as if living and loving from a place of tragedy somehow enables perspective and creativity.

        • Poetic Dan

          Thank you so much for seeing more of my thoughts.
          My darkness gave me strength to leave a violent drunken home at 14 and go my own way but there was hidden alot of pain. After 200+ writings I found the light to out weigh this and slowly come to breathe with greatfulness to all that's ever happened in my life.

          I would say if liked this, then old one called Dan get its or tea with my head demon may resonate too.
          Pg 14 I think.

          Thank you again for reading
          Much love and respect

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