Jon Nakapalau

walking barefoot in the grass

is like a tactile time machine

and if I close my eyes

I have returned to

the place I can

find young


to old



  • ExistentialSarah

    I feel like this one is going to rattle around in my brain for a while, in a good way, until I can find personal application. "Young answers to old Lies". Why is that so profound to me? Maybe simple as the grass beneath our feet, experiences and sensations on a basic human level...we can so easily get lost in our own complicated headspace. We forget to connect to the things that are just...solid and real. There are more than a few "lies" of perception, negatively held, dysfunctional beliefs, that I have to overturn with new insights in order to find peace.

    • Jon Nakapalau

      You have said what I was trying to say so much better than I did - thank you.

      • ExistentialSarah

        Not true! That I said it better, that is. You said it simply and beautifully and I wouldn't have realized thats how I was feeling if you hadnt turned my thoughts with your words. That I got the sense of it means your poem did its job :)

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      • Jhe

        love this poem...
        and to think,
        some people say let go of the past!
        ☆ ★ ☆

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