Gimme a break !

When I look out my window I want to see the world in shapes and shades,

like everyone else,

instead of meaning.

Not everything is some hidden sign or signal,

information important to my survival or some sort of secret implied.

Sometimes the surface is just a place that's easier to survive,

not necessarily a shallow dwelling for people who lead shallow, empty lives

and maybe I've been prejudice for a while,

but I think I finally get it...

People just






Sometimes I need a break from my mind.



  • Poetic Dan

    I hear your journey and understanding balance is the game, but mostly this still can drive me a bit insane.
    I joined here to be around people that swim to unknown depths and float on top.

    Really enjoyed this one
    Thanks for sharing

  • ExistentialSarah

    Its less tiring when you dont have to dive to depths alone, for sure Dan! Especially because you know if you gett exhuasted by a thought and it takes you into dark waters there is someone there to get you back to shore. I mostly just feel tired of bieng alone with my non stop thoughts and sometimes wishfuly, whistfully wonder what itd be like to be someone who lived only on the land. (Extended ur metaphor hahaha hope it makes sense). Thx for reading!

  • Jhe

    this poem does a beautiful job of revealing how exhausting an overly analytical mind can be ...and i love that it defends people's right to switch off
    (i have to do that myself sometimes, or i wouldn't have the energy to write, especially about serious stuff !)

    thanks for sharing / caring :-)

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