thwarted (by: eddy styx)


I am stymied,
no spark
of inspiration
no stimulation
moves my mind.
no creativity
stirs within,
no whispers from
my beloved muse.
I am lost
out at sea,
with no wind
to set my sail.
I look to
my dark side,
for answers
but they are
surrounded by
a misty veil
buried within
my psyche.
in turmoil
covert and obscure,
no guiding light
to pilot me home,
through these
turbulent waters
of brine and foam.


*eddy styx is my male, murderous alter ego who writes dark poetry!


  • dusk arising

    Eddie, i hate to see you down like this. I am outside your door and tonite i will leave a 'rescued' garment upon your doorknob which may bring back your mojo.

    • Candlewitch

      thanks da,

      much appreciated to be sure 😉

      ever, eddy

    • onepauly

      when we think of ourselves in others, we feel better.

      • Candlewitch

        you are right...thanks pauly!

        ever, eddy

      • Goldfinch60


        you had better have a word with Cat to see if she can wake up your muse.


        • Candlewitch

          hello Goldfinch!

          Cat broke a toe by being clumsy, so she is feeling down (and stupid!) too. Steve is sympathetic, so that helps 😉

          ever, eddy

        • ZIGGY

          dear cat as always a joy to read the dark recesses of your mind every word and line is a delight ,,,,,zigs

          • Candlewitch

            dear Ziggy,

            it is great to see you! I hope that everything in your life is going well. a couple of weeks ago I broke a toe on my right foot...then a week later I lost my balance and royally messed up my left knee. tomorrow I see an orthopedic surgeon. Steve has been working from home to take care of me. so at least I get to be with him more often 😉 take good care of yourself!

            *hugs, Cat
            ever, eddy

            • ZIGGY

              hi cat got your update from Steve I so wish you well and a quick recovery ,,,zigs xxx much love

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