Dark Void

My heart, dark and empty like a black hole in space.
As for the feelings as if I got shot in the face.
As the dark void consumes every piece of light.
My anger fear and depression consumes my heart and starts taking flight.
The joy and love for others is gone I may just be crazy maybe just a bit.
For my heart once full of joy and love is now burning with a anger and can't be put out as if an eternal flame was lit.
Second after second the void gets larger and stronger consuming more of me soon ending in my doom.
As for my heart becoming blacker and darker than the new moon.
As everything vanished all I now have is the dark void that was left in my heart.
For he is my only friend left, but luckily I still have you, luckily we can't split apart.


  • Shayl

    I'm sorry I know how you feel though I went through the same thing.

    • CuriousSoul

      Sorry for the late reply to your comment. Ye it sucks but not much I can do. Anyways hopefully you aren't going through the same thing any longer

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