As It Nears

You know that there,

is only four more days left.

Everyday for the past year,

has been; conditioning, practice,

conditioning, practice,

conditioning, practice.

You have prepared.

The talent is there.

Everyone is strong,

ready to go,

into the first game,

of the season.

Still, now all you do is wait.

Practices are over.

Anxiety, sets in

with each day passing,

slower than the next.

Then you who is the team's leader,

remember a Bible verse,

that you learned once.

It was one,

that stayed with you,

from when you were a child.

'Be not anxious,

for anything,

but by prayer and supplication'.

So you pray,

and all anxiety goes away,

and a certain peace,

comes over you.




  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Very Cool! Dion
    It makes me think about the sport I enjoy the most boxing! & the preparation behind it.

    • ForeverJesus6

      Thank you for your comment please. Persistence is key

    • Crystal Hope

      Wow! A sublime piece.

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