I Theme To List Toward Secular Humanism ©ø¥

Mine excel leant

powerfully pointed


outlook accesses

prolix laced threads, whereat

aye weave with zeal

spinning, sans metaphorical

loom min esse

cent invisible wheel

finagling, incorporating, and lurching

sesquipedalian ward webbing,

sans existential warp and weft

asthma trademark seal

begetting poetic offspring

for no rhyme, nor

reason and less real

than an actual progeny,

(das papa percolates,

per predilection toward prolix)

as poor substitute

to apply seminal seal

if only...grace with

a younger fecund wife,

where becoming


pregnant would ap peal

and be chronologically viable

plus said mother

hood ambition would,

(asper this

hypothetical scenario)

might warrant me to inculcate,

and if necessary

take a knee to kneel

yet stopping short

of any Machiavellian

(cut rather

umbilical cord) tactics to activate

no explanation why

hankering to create

additional "NO FAKE"

fallacy aye in inflate

cuz, nothing compares

to sire (with love)

heir or Harris heiress,

and coveting father hood again

a son or daughter

even though pushing late

fifties, which age finds me

to instagram, shutterfly,

or snapchat with disbelief

aware that divulgence to experience

such poignant pang mate

be attributed to absence

of mine deux darling daughters

ah...juiced a small

pipe (petty filed)

whet dream wracking ma pate

no great expectations

by dick ends

for any physically

intimate tete a tete

thus assimilate call

of the wild crafting writings

with my huff firm mitt heave

gen till loin that doth undulate.




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