Thanks dad

My dad don't talk to me thinks I'm a waster I'll show him ' gone write these few words they call it a poem ' from far as I can rember you wasn't there ' beer and pubs is all you care ' you don't deserve the title dad ' thinking about my childhood makes me so mad ' coming back drunk unable to talk ' beating my mom so she couldn't walk ' thinking your a hard man hitting the women you love ' off a cliff she should of give you a shove ' spending all the money not paying any bills ' giving my mom a life with no thrills ' ten years I never saw you ' when I did you hit me to ' the only thing you ever cared for was beer ' getting drunk in the pub all your mates giving you a cheer ' you have the nerve to judge me because in life I had a fall ' it's ok joe the word dad , you I will never call .

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