Crazy long poem

The air is ropping
The rain is ripping
Despread for a solution .
Now my blood im sipping.
in rows of resolution
The whole time awake"
And I found myself
out of conclusion.
Looking up unaware
Thoughts of Maybe
this is fair.
Is crazy" something
i can share..
happens to be
my type of air"
Where I can scream and swear
Be a illusion " seizure teaser
And a middle finger.
By the least of animal"
To them i am tabu.
So i need guide to survival.
Here im not weird
to act nutty
And appose fear.
Here my tears are not worthy
But my screams say im crazy.
They don't know,
that I also left love behind
With the old
In The pass cold.
The place i don't remember
crazy' yes accorse"
You call this a course..
Its a dam curse...
but before here
i was you there!.
With friends and haters
A girl I still love
and a girl who loved me.
And there not the same girl.
You see"
I am normal.
And I im loyal...
To my gal.
but to love
Im formal!
Let me leave..
ill split faster,
than the death"
of a leaf.!!.......please Dr...is your daughter that loves me!
If im crazy how come im the only one who sees... That she's paying with love
For loving.?..
..My dr. Her father....!!...tell me dr will it be so wrong and in-humane or unethical
For you too except im right!  and that the crazy by your standards has reason?.
Because this here is not wether im right or wrong because you know im right and that she's hurting. ..this is about  excepting" about you making a choice.
And you will"
And if you choose wrong" then all this time you were the crazy one ......

Your excuses for my bad behavior are medications and sleeping potions.
for a tragic past.
Of a in-home cast..
Some how logic" did not last.
For the cursed  and abused .
And no one accuse
Of body in mind
and ends to finally fight
no matter what
It has been taken.
And to them is a discovery.
But really
there just covering
Because like me
there recovering
There low blow.
The cheap shot.
Only because
I love all
But i see very we'll,
That Not one girl here is hot!
And i dont mean by beauty
But because my beauty lays,
On she with eyes of keys.
and its not fare
For destiny to not get
A turn at the nob
to meet love
In such frequency
Are of things
that live continuously.

So i await to bloom and atrack like if i attack
and i just wanna write I wanna fly,
And die....

i belief
that when you belief!
What you get"
Is always of disbelief....
And only of thought.
If you look pass nothing",
You'll see that we ask in vain.
Because we have evrthing.
Even unwanted things
that should be wanted
Like family
Like family..
Like family...like love..

Your are mean
At least that's how it seems.
But i swear my sweet lifes
that sorround my no hive
The world will see
feel, and hear
my introduction
to the other side..
My heart had offered
All in.....
eather way i die...
it hurts
but it hurts
im no child
im a sin
of cents to penny's
the bug that irritates all is me.
And i agree before and after you.
Im crazy but im in love
so dont blame me for chaos

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