Maxine Smith

-x- What Makes You Smile ?! -x-

What makes me smile
It’s hasn’t happened in a while
Leting go of low self esteem
Just existing so free
Finding again my Zen
My true, old friend
-x What Make You Smile?! -x-

Letting go can do so much.
Together we can make a change
with just one touch.
Your smile can change everything
to someone's bad day
to making birds sing.
Change someone's frown.
Enlighten them,
turn it upside down. :)

In just a few blinks
I'll feel a few kinks
I'll see a few sights
And everything will be alright
As I trip
I feel out of this world
As I forget
I smile in the face of the abyss in which I've been hurled

Already the month
of August 2018,
May never become
a je June'm
time of year,
especially for nouveau
homeless and,
penniless residents,
(now more like worrier),
who reside in the
(burnt to a crisp)
Golden State where,
towering uncontrollable
wild fire infernos veer.

The laugh of a child would melt hearts made of stone
The chase that results in a satisfied groan
The moment I witness some loved ones at at
The feeling of rising to see a new day
These things are all priceless
What warms my smile's
The return of a friend who's been gone for a while

I draw cartoons and I write light rhymes
So when I’m out I oftentimes
Seek out matters quite obscure
And situations immature
And though I may appear senile
They set me off and make me smile
~Michael Edwards~

A memory
A morning
A field deep in mist
A dawning
A warming
A horse by my side
Ready to ride
The Sun

I wish that it was easy to say
The happy things which turn my frown away
I guess it is in moments of mummy pride
That beautuful love is one of a kind
It's also in the mountains, the ocean and tree
One day I hope I will smile at me

There's often a tear in between my heart
I go outside to feel the sun shining against my smooth skin
I feel the breeze that is flowing my hair all in my face
I look at the shapes from the clouds above
but what couldn't make me smile brighter
is a hug from a loved one.



    What make me smile when Im feelin' low ?
    What warms me up when the cold winds blow ?
    What turns a "SAD DAY" into a show ?

    What makes me Happy when Im Sad ?
    What cheers me up when Im not glad ?
    When Ive lost everything I had ?

    Whats the best thing at the end of Day ?
    To cheer me up ~ not goin' my way
    When theres nothin' left to say

    Ooooo MAXINE how lovely to see you in a FUSION ~ sorry I missed the Boat ! Abrazos y Besos con Amor ~ Tu Amigo Mejor BRIAN 🧡🧡🧡
    Please check our latest Poems ~ Gracias BRIAN y ANGELA 🧡 🧡

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