emotional girl

Broken Heart...Broken soul

Every dream and hope broken

  a soul degraded with every word that's spoken 

  a single childhood that has been ruined and stolen


Told and shown that their feelings and opinions don't matter

  resulting in a heart that is severely shattered

  and a brain continuously clattered



So silence the mind and tune out the world 

  these are the blurred eyes of a broken hearted girl

  with a torn heart and a stained face

  trying to heal with a broken brace


Continuously fighting to put up a wall

  something to hide behind once she falls

  when she finally breaks and gives in

  accepting the fact that they won't let her win


So she covered her mouth while the tears dripped from her eyes

  forced a smile, and put on her disguise  

  walked out the door to face the world

  still with the heart of a broken girl




  • Crystal Hope

    Whoa. So very moving. :D

  • misskay

    Outstanding write and so relatable!
    I’m grateful for your poem and it’s very touching and heartfelt!
    I hope you find peace and healing and the shattered pieces build to you being whole again x

    • emotional girl

      Thank you so much, I appreciate it!!πŸ’›

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