Just So You Know

My mission in life,

is to bring people to Christ.

However, I would be wrong,

to, 'sugar coat', it.

It will not be easy,

once you give your life,

over to the Lord.

Do not misunderstand.

The last thing that I,

would ever want to do,

is discourage someone,

from receiving salvation.

Still, history in this world,

is full of people,

who go back to their old lifestyle,

because they feel,

as though their walk with Christ,

is to hard.

I write this,

so that one may know,

that the Christ walk is not easy,

before they accept him.

Do not misunderstand.

Being a believer in Christ,

is not only a wonderful thing,

but it is the best event,

that can happen to any person.

We need Christ.

Still, you must know,

that from the moment you accept Jesus,

you begin to go,

against the grain.

You walk in the opposite,

direction of everyone else.

Jesus told us,

that it would not be easy -

that we must pick up our cross,

and follow him -

that we would be persecuted,

for his name.

Do not let this deter you,

from following Christ.

I just find it only fair,

to let you know,

the benefits,

and what comes,

with following Christ.

Yet, through it all,

it is only through him,

that we find true peace.

Nevertheless, I write this,

because I do not want you,

to feel mislead,

when you become a Christian,

nor do I want you,

to feel blindsided,

when times start to get hard.

Again, my intention,

is bring people toward Christ -

to lead them to accept salvation.

We all need Christ Jesus.


  • Crystal Hope

    Very well said. A lovely and true piece

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