Brittany Jo


My brain is fried, my body is tired

Give me something

My one true self is when i’m wired

And feeling everything til it fades to nothing


those drugs start to abuse you

fuck it, i’m numb

you can’t feel a pain you’ve grown so use to

And the damage is already done


these cravings have my body aching

can’t tell if it’s for dope or touch

heart is racing, hands are shaking

i’ll take either, and it won’t take much


This lifestyle is dangerous

but that’s not enough to stop me

moving on to my next rush

with all these pretty pills i’m popping


Though it’s slowly killing me

it’s almost as if i’m healed

My toxic bloodstream filling me

and my body is soon to yield 





  • misskay

    ThIs really made me emotional,
    A strong heartfelt write
    Worded with such detailed reality!
    I want to hug you!
    Thank you for sharing from your heart
    It must of been hard to do so!
    Stay strong! And drugs don’t work it’s just escapism that won’t last and actually darken your world, it may feel like a temporary peace and healing but they just make you worse!
    Sending you love and support x

  • MLHnow

    Very powerful in its straightforward approach to our collective heart and soul leaving us lost with no where to go
    but that is a human lesson taught to us all

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