My life


Life moves on
You fall back
Do you even know
What you lack?

Too many emotions
Too many thoughts
You're being punished
Your throat full of knots

Fight for air
Let tears run dry
Unknowing what you feel
No use asking why

The answers you seek
Will never be found
Honey, this is your life
And you have drowned

You fight to sleep
Unknowing tomorrow
Don't worry much
It's just another sorrow

You fight to get up
Unable to withstand
All this pain inside
Life crumbling like sand

Hush the voices
That speak so loud
Do not let them turn
Your mind to a cloud

" Stop the nonsense
Stop being lazy
You're just a burden
Driving me crazy "

I wish you understood
I wish you knew
How the pieces of my heart
Are supported only by glue

Fragile as I look
Fragile as I can be 
I wish you knew
My desire to be free

All of this
Is how I feel
My heart and soul
Taking their last kneel

  • Author: Agiel (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 5th, 2018 09:31
  • Category: Sad
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