Her heavenly touch

Spring were her moments
Of lyrics,
Her Guitar long hair
beautiful and brown,
went down like a gown.
I swear she wore it like a crown.
So i married her
in front of the town.
She sang like symphony
of heavens
Her words crowded
My existence
like essence.
So we had our first child.
My air blew"
but her airs moved"
with body of tone,
Only her alone
Could play the strings
In rings,
Me me ming
To the world
That if it was cold,
It was about to get warm.
her settings
Made the world into a betting,
So we had our second child.
And her music became even
More of a nurture
To nature itself.

Her voice brought out colors

The baby's would tell her.

And she'll continue shading

our surroundings.

With full brimming over Brilliantly.

About all
of our loving things.
Like with her the song
Will have discussions
She would write them
and to are kids sing them.
it was a night thing"
Those you hear once
and forever
you don't let go"
So heavenly
my god set up her stage
every time she felt it was time
to sing.
Never off tone
always had me asking for more.
And indeed i did
She never minded.
So now we're celebrating are
50 year anniversary
I love you lovely.
Lovely i do.
I do.

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