Those words

Always escaping from my grasp

Feeding the burning frustration of my mind

For those words I can't seem to find

What do I need to say

To keep them moving on

Before this day fades away

Before they're gone

These words

These stupid, idiotic words

Intent on running away from me

I chase them down the alleyways

Within the sewers of doubt

Along the rooftops of memory

Under the bridge of the forgotten

The words I need

Those who I want to lead

But those words

Those brash, indecisive words

They run

and hide

and run

and run

To a place I cannot reach them no matter how hard I try

Leaving me alone in this desolate land

Where they reach out their hands

But I cannot take them

Forced to watch it all break away

All while I can find nothing to say

All while I watch those words run away


One day, they'll be mine once again

I will craft myself to be worthy of their respect

I will purge these chaining fears from my heart

Those words are the key to tomorrow

The key to ending their sorrow

And one day, I'll find them once again


  • Crystal Hope

    so incredibly moving

  • Poetic Dan

    You are a master of your word, I have no doubt they will be found then heard. One thing for sure when they do, the world will know and witness You. As amazingly wonderful as I already do, no word of a lie I'm inspired by every one of your writes.

    Much peace and respect
    My broetry friend

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