The Gifted One

Melodies Of The Heart

 Winds sailing my mind far away

The gift to unwrap such honeyed melodies memorizing a trance as the body sweetly plays

Conjoined souls gliding over the pyramids, and Egypt sand dunes

Minds floating past all the rhetoric, heartaches, doom and gloom

Where time stands still, anxiousness propels the midnight rush

Caressing my delicate skin as desires surrenders unto the touch

Gentle lips dance against yours

Sensations of passion reeking from your pores

Can I touch you here…umm can I touch you there

Hard body shuddering under my soft hands, panting wisps of air

Breath to breath, in my ear you softly whisper my name

Body to body as we surrender under scorching flames

Silken drops to bathe in as time proclaims

Emotions weave in and out of this masterful game

The wondrous of a love ballad reverberates a beautiful symphony

Lyrical moving upon rose petals, silk sheets, freeing the hunger, the need

Dusk to dawn bathing naked identities

Riding the wave of passion, desires felt meant to outlast

Reminisce of tears, heart breaks as shattered glass

Touch my lips, worship my body, please my need

Hearts linked under the moonlight, as silken rain frees

Shh…I want tell

Souls sinking in ecstasy, bodies blending, blanketed needs compelled

Heartbeats craving a royal flush

A wondrous conveyance of such

As you kneel to your knees

Spread a rose petal, pollinate the sweet nectar with your tongue as you so gallantly please

Mm, I see you’ve bloomed once again behind my flowering tease

Allow the stars to guide your wicked leads to the powers that be

Gyrating, my body twisting

Scratching your back as your family jewels is wildly dipping, slipping

Thrusting harder and harder inside, tongues dueling, and then French kissing

Releasing, oh yes, yes

Oh God, what could be best

Umm...I love the way you softly free me during a climatic rough ride, be that it may

The heart always feels what the mind cannot covey

Entwined rapture of wool and silken lace

Melodies of the Heart


  • Crystal Hope

    such a magnificent and profound read.

    • The Gifted One

      Thanks Crystal for taking the time to visit and read my poem and then commenting. Have a great evening as well.

      The Gifted One

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