To the chaos in this world

I will not let you in,

I will speak peace in your presence to remind you of what calm feels like.

A vision of marigold and crimson stained autumn leaves dancing in the wind,

Seemingly moving just for you

To the rhythm of your own heartbeat,


To the hatred in this world,

I cannot let you win,

I will not see the world painted in disdain or loathing,

I will love!

With a passion that will open even the hardest of hearts

To remind them that there is no greater gift than the feeling of love

Like vibrant powder painted skies kissing the sunset goodbye,

So graciously awaiting its return in the morning.


To the cold  in this world

I will embrace you

I will lift you to the light

To show you

That warmth still exists

You must only reach for it


To the fear in this world,

I will help each person you have scared to understand they are in control,

That those scares do not define them

I will teach them to be an editor of their own script,

Cutting you from all the scenes that you dare to invade



I will have the courage to be the light that encompasses the room

Making suffering feel out of place 



Shining even more so when the darkness fights its hardest to plague me.




  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Beautiful poem! -B-
    I loved the message in each verse!
    Blessed weekend,😊

    • HangingbyaHalo

      Thank you, I apologize it took so long for me to reply. I hope this weekend is treating you well.

    • Crystal Hope

      incredible description.

    • A.H. Browning

      I’ve read this several times before commenting. As usual, your writing is not just words on a page, but a thought provoking and moving experience. Thank you for for sharing your writing on this website.

      In my opinion, “darkness” wears many faces and disguises, including the ones you wrote about here. For me, I know from personal experience, both good and bad, that I always have choices. I can be overcome by darkness and give in to it; perhaps even embrace it in life’s worst moments. The other choice I have is to resist the darkness... and perhaps even “shine”. Sometimes that choice is the most difficult thing in the world. But still, I know it makes a world of difference. When I read this, I am reminded of the good that can come from just one person when they choose to shine.

      Best wishes,
      A.H. Browning

      • HangingbyaHalo

        I am so grateful for your comments. I am honored that you find favor in my writing. I am finalizing my very first book and it is input like this that makes me feel as if I could, maybe, possibly make an impact in the world.

        I believe that the key is to know that darkness truly exists and that it only needs the presence of light or change. It is often a very trying experience but as you said there are only two choices.

        One person
        One light
        In one instance

        Could change the world.

        With love,


        • A.H. Browning

          You are already making an impact.

          Kindest Regards,

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