Liam Allsop

The future

The future,

                 For all we know

we could be riding hover boards,

having robots do our chores,

wourld hunger might be cured,

shelter for us all.


but for all we know there might not be a future,

the world could go nuclear,

robots can rule us all,

the world could turn into a great big fireball,

or it could be a great big swimming pool,


so stop trying to be cool,

take my hand in peace,

we don’t need all these weapons,

because they could cause our last few seconds,

stop using all these fossil fuels,

because thay are like a great big box of jules,

every body wants them it’s just a pity,

that people don’t want them because they are prity


But for the money,

i am not trying to be funny but maybe we should stop thinking about the money,

and try to think about the future,

and have one where we can all be happy,

and there is a place called earth. 




  • Liam Allsop

    Please feel free to comment your thoughts here. And have a nice day.

  • Crystal Hope

    This is greatly said and written. A fine piece of the future

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