Missing us...

I can’t stop crying

I watched a sad movie

It had a happy ending 

That made me all woozy

it made me think of our love

And how it’s always pending 

I’m crying because 

I’m tired of pretending 

I need you here to love and soothe me

I’m crying because I want our 

Happy ending to finally be

To prove to them that I was right about us and then they will see

Then at last my heart will lighten and be set free


Together forever 

you and I

To be happy

To not always question why

For us to grow old

For us to be fixed

To get married

And feel our unborn baby kick

To be a family

Happy at home

But instead I’m here crying again 

Without you all alone

I just want our happily ever after

a good life together filled with love and laughter.


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