The Gifted One


Fragrant aphrodisiac within the garden as we lay

On a bed of roses to takes one’s breath away

Nakedness to life as we give unto another

Bodies toppling skin we smother

Kiss the earth of such sweet lands

Tending landscape with such probing hands

Outcries under illicit demands

Duty to appease fall under man’s command

To please with ease, while kneeling on knees

Plucking faster at soften petals in the throne of the hour

Flower is withering under his sensuous power

Honey found to center core

Weakening screams of no more no more

Slowly climbing the Queen’s throne

A King’s pillowed comfort zone

Spread my wings for only you to see

Far enough for pearly streams to flee

Hosing the nectar of my silken flower

Ecstasy you could never ignore in the midst of the hour

Bodies playing tug-of-war

Have a soft spot in one’s heart for

Crashing down the dam behind a damsel’s door

Torpedo hit climatic adrift

Flowing free inside the depth of carnal abyss

Paradise of moans pulsating under a thundering bliss

Waterfall of rains enclosing rushing waves

A game at which two can play

Blended perfection carted away



Giddiness and Spent

Capitulated as it’s meant


  • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

    Very sexy and well written...nice work

    • The Gifted One

      Thanks for taking the time to read and then comment. Enjoy the rest of your day.

      The Gifted One

    • fuche_bu

      So my mistake is calling myself a glorified wordsmith?

      • The Gifted One

        I’ve read your beautiful works of art, I must disagree with you. You are a connoisseur within your own right handsome. Thanks for reading and then commenting. Have a great evening as well.

        The Gifted One

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