Yesterday's" today 911

Art sky's to a blink
of fog air.
visitors unwind the sky of it's care
summer salt 
and the world stands on call
too a pace of in space
That can't leave trace.
for feathers to fly"
the world eyes"
above all in sight.
and sees fins.
With no fin in latin"
for no end.
But sky tiers
reconstruct into fears
the power of fire
in dive with sin.
assuring only that sad
will strike
And good it will do,
For humanity it will unite.
The same speech
to cloud and not be teached
But they know we will reach .
Because United we were
before there egos crash the shine
off adventure to murder.
and equaled torture.
cuz of a breed we can't nutter.
Not know not sooner
So Love was lost
Agreements had a cost..
and all of nations blew emotions
Too grow glow somewhat low
on humanity's floors.
so someone wasn't right
someone wind out
Far from light.
And a fight is gathering,
Belief that heart too can vision
no cushion scattering fusion.
who was wrong
cared not to make it right.
to free on all that's bright,
in tense of living in day
But always been night.
For the family of love
whome died.
let them angels flap.
That for them God built the sky.
911 for all one are with the one.
Let that be first.

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