All in a matter of time

A large blossom tree stood tall.The flowers fully blossomed;a pink as fair as an ill child’s skin.

Through day it stood proud , boasting it’s emerald green leaves . 

Through night when winds hit a new battle commenced.Ice cold blows of destructive wind sliced through the branches.

Off flew a petal. Lonely ; scared it spiralled to the floor.

Lost with no direction, no path the petal lay for days upon days.

Decay and erosion ate away at  the corners. A once cloud  infested white: now a murky mud infested pink.The colour of lost dreams lost hopes. Such a beautiful white decayed by the beating of nature.

But above the tree still stood high. Passers by distracted in a daze. To preoccupied with human inapplicable issues. Stuck in a no way out maze . 

So the leaves continue to fall , die , until the whole tree is cut down . 

No one noticed...





  • MSA-19

    I interpreted this as people being preoccupied with their own worlds & not really noticing the world around them

  • Crystal Hope

    this is very moving and beautifully done. :)

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