Now What

After I see,
every country of the world,
after I find,
an oyster with five pearls,
after I explore,
the other ninety-five percent of the ocean,
after I smooth,
an alligator's skin with lotion,
after I climb,
Mount Everest while walking on my hands,
after I save a lion,
from being eaten by a man,
after I discover,
a deeper darker trench,
there will be nothing left,
for me to do,
but sit down on this quiet bench.
At fifty years old,
I will be feeling depressed,
because I thought,
I did everything in the world.
What more is there left?
Still, I did not have Christ.
I have traveled,
all over the world,
and have not once spread the gospel.
So what have I,
truely gained?
What have I,
truely accomplished?
I cannot think of anything.
So as I sit of this bench,
at fifty years old,
I ask myself,
'Now what'.

Did I spend a shallow life?
Where my deeds mostly mundane?
Will heaven accept my empty rain check?
God's door is always open!
Perhaps I should walk in,

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