Catching Fireflies

I like to look at the world from afar
watch the nature, follow the stars.
It's so hard-
to catch fireflies in a jar,
when all the lights are out
and you don't know who you are.
Growing up you're expected
to know how to catch your firefly.
You're told
if you don't, you'll ruin your life.
You're told
if you don't, you'll miserably die.
It's so hard-
to catch fireflies at night,
when they meet your personality
and don't want to shine their light.
Catching something you simply can't see.
Catching something that doesn't want to be seen.
At least not by you;
feels like an impossibility.
The world has expectations for you,
and when you slip,
everyone is watching.
They will hurt you.
They will deceive you.
They will insult you.
They will push you down until you can take nothing more than a gun to the head.
It's so hard-
when as much as you may say it,
you really don't want to be dead.
You want to be happy and live fully,
but not in such dread.
You can't catch the fireflies because these aren't the fireflies you want to catch.
You can't catch the fireflies because deep down inside,
You don't fit what the world expects.
It's not the fireflies that are turning off their lights to you,
it's not the fireflies that are disregarding you,
not accepting you;
it's your personality,
that's not accepting them.
You're turning your light off at them.
You don't want to catch them.
These aren't what you want.
These are the fireflies-
that they say you should want.
That the outer world expects you to want.
It's so hard-
to stray from what the world expects.
To make your own choice,
despite their disregard.
It so hard,
to stick to your own personality-
to who you are.
It's so difficult to stand strong,

but it's even more difficult to give in,
to give up.
Hold your breath through the bad days.
There will be so many.
It isn't hard-
To catch the fireflies that you want to catch.
To live a life,
you want to live.
To make the choices-



A note:

We can't ignore our problems,
but we can recognize the people that we love,
the ones that love us,
and we can get our problems out with them.
Find out who these people are,
Because they are the ones
who will be there right with you.
Because they are the ones-
Staying by your side,
helping you find-

the right firefly.

It takes allot making the first step,
But afterward-
why, that's not hard at all.


-An original about future careers,
being who you want to be,
goals, close friends,
and the harsh expectations- 
of the real world.
   A poem by

           Aems (9-13-18),



  • Nicholas Browning

    Well, geez, where do I even start.
    From the moment you are born people project their expectations on you. They tell you what they THINK is real, and try to force the same ideals on you. The precise reason I don't believe in God is because I was forcefully made to worship something I couldn't even see from a young age. So, I grew up and realized that if there was a God, he was a bit of a prick. I mean, why else would innocent children be born only to develop cancer and die before age 5? Makes no sense to me to this day. Anywho, on to the next.
    "Who am I?"
    Very potent question. It takes a lot of time and thought to begin processing what the meaning to that question even is, and harder still to find the answer. More or less it's something very obvious and subtle, but very hard to find if your "Personality" forbids you from seeing the plain truth. Change is not so easily made, and even if it was it wouldn't disregard the difficulty of answering the question of what one's true nature really is.
    Who you want to become though is more complicated I think. It's impossible to fight through your natural born state of mind, unless you alter your intelligence with harmful drugs that limit your thinking capacity to almost zero. Kinda like a zombie. It's not easy to become anything, and it's also true that nothing is gained without having to sacrifice something for it. So, whether it be a job, friendship, love, or anything else that carries weight behind it in your eyes - Never lose sight of what you know you desire. But always make sure that there's a decent goal behind obtaining something. Like financial stability or peace of mind. Just some examples, but the choice and course of action both lay upon your conscience, so best of luck regarding that. I chose this poem to read because I enjoyed the title. I like fireflies and what they symbolize. I commented because I enjoyed the topic and theme. Most people on this site don't like to discuss these things, which is probably why no one else commented. Just a heads up! See you around.

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