The Gifted One

Naked Canvas

Close your eyes

Sketch me on canvas with unseen sight

Allow your hands to roam as your guiding light

A work of art in progress

Inhale and exhale

Fill me in with ever so gently details


Use the vision streaming through your mind

My contours, my soften angular lines

My silhouette as you boldly fill

Images dancing as your pencil strokes instill

A face of grace coming into view of its own free will


Eyes, nose, lips

An Artist’s mind in emotional seclusion, therefore, don’t slip

Should I stand as you sketch the rest

To hone your craft as you do best

Positioned here so peaceful, yet, fully undressed


Slopes of the anatomy, femininity showcased as time will tell

Beauty in the eye’s beholder as the creation of your mind set sails

Pencil trade of an earthly color

A wondrous sketch soon to discover

Finished as it is, mystical from head to toe

Magnificent and grand as it humanly stands

Appealing to the eyes of every mortal man


Hang me in the museum of your mind

Look upon your work of art as you mentally wine and dine

Your perfected sketch, as a remembrance in time

Faded away as winds have blown

Soaring now where rainbows dance unbeknown


  • Poetic Dan

    Wow that was beautiful captured so well what it feels like to put it all out naked as my soul on the page, as I dance and sing on this stage.
    Thank you for this wonderful style you gave to hang in my mental gallery!

    Much love and respect

    • The Gifted One

      Aww, thank you love for taking the time to allow my words to enwrap your heart, and enlighten your mind. Have a great day as well.

      The Gifted One

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