To The Point

Please do not,

take my writings lightly.

They are not just meant,

to be pretty words.

I tell the truth,

when I write about God.

I hope you do not think,

that God is just,

some giant man,

in a white robe,

with a bald head,

and a long beard,

who lets everyone who dies,

into Heaven.

If that is what you get,

from my writings,

then please let me,


First of all -

God is very real.

He created this world,

and the Bible is real.

Second of all -

God did not create sin.

So for those who ask the question,

'If God is real,

then how come He,

created sin',

the answer is that,

He did not create sin.

Third of all -

Jesus Christ,

is the son of God.

He humbled himself,

and came to this earth,

from Heaven,

in the form of man.

He died on the cross,

for the world,

so that He could,

take away our sins.

After dying,

He rose from the grave,

and ascended into Heaven.

Fourth of all -

The Church should never,

be political.

Do not misunderstand.

No church is perfect.

Still, it is the house of the Lord,

and should be built,

on a solid,

biblical foundation.

So again,

to respond to another old statement,

'I do not go to church,

because the church,

is full of hypocrites',

not every church is the same.

Finally -

not everyone goes to Heaven.

Very few people do.

When we die,

we all stand before,

and face Christ Jesus.

He is the final judge.

For those who,

accepted Christ,

they will be let in

For those who,

rejected Christ,

they will be,

turned away,

and cast into,

a lake of fire.

It is not,

just a cliche.

Do not think,

that we will be,

greeted by St. Peter,

at a giant set,

of pearly gates.

Many may say,

'Dion, why are you,

talking like this?

Why are you,

being so harsh?

Why are you,

Condemning me'.

Do not think,

that I am condemning you.

I am only,

writing the truth,

to be clear,

in hopes that you,

may come to Christ.


  • orchidee

    A fine write Forever.

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