The Gifted One

True Love What Is It

True love what is it

Emotions given unto another sweetly consumed bit by bit

That burning flame only one person has lit

The smile the eyes

Lost in rapture, union to be, already written in the sky

Ordained by kismet karma designs

The true essence to feel and be felt

The rhythm of bodies as souls blend and then softly melt

No, is it the arms, the hands

Upholding the heart when love is in demand, when life deals unkind and bitter reprimands

Is it the sensitive minds while on a pilgrimage to taste the holy land

Is it the feet

The steps destiny has brought us pass the meet and greet

Hum, could it be the skin tone

Blinders on when awaited passion roams

In sync as minds echoes the same beautiful love song

Is it the body in motion

The temple of true devotion

The magnetic love potion

The twisting current when navigating the deep ocean

It is the essence of the combination, either you have it, or you don’t

Beautiful minds think alike, some can’t or won’t

Never realizing what true love is, so scavengers souls dance in the dark

You can’t cease Cupid's arrowing path, it’s a zealous work of art

For some and for others, no end or start

True love what is it


  • fuche_bu

    lovely poem.

    • The Gifted One

      Thank you Fuche_Bu for reading and then commenting. I hope you've had a great day as well.

      The Gifted One

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