There’s increasing excuses

to walk by Trestle Inn

& you have to stop in

For a Trestlewide.


It’s the law!


I’ve been challenged

on that assertion

but I’m pretty sure it is a law.


Besides why risk it?


One time, I even went

for two Trestlewides

in a single sitting.


It seemed like the right thing to do.



After all, if you had a hungry family 

at home

& you stole a loaf of bread 

to feed them-- 

Would that be so wrong?


And what if—instead of a loaf of bread

you went to Trestle Inn

and had two Trestlewides

in a single sitting?

Would that be a crime?


I think not!


Two Trestlewides in a single sitting—

I know I’ve grown in statute

in several people’s eyes.


Sadly, it’s not likely

these are the ones I most need to impress.


  • Author: fuche_bu (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 16th, 2018 14:48
  • Comment from author about the poem: The legendary Trestle Inn in Philly is a former dive bar long since turned faux dive bar. In Philly, a PBR pounder and a shot of rotgut whiskey sold for $3 is known as the citywide. Trestle Inn offers a variation: A Yuengling and a shot of Evan Williams whiskey.
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