Michael J. Schaeffer

The Moonlight Fight


The Moonlight Flight

Rising. The Moon is Bright. The Canal is Imperative. The Papers Back Home are Roaring with the Latest News of the Marines and the Rough Gain. The Bodies Piled Up like a Japanese Bloody Dune. The Sand was Brightened with Explosions from Everyone that was Everywhere. Out Numbered and They Sawed. Continuously Bursting the Many that Challenged Them. The Burning of the Hot Barrel. The Flash. The Ring. The Tracers that filled the Air. A Short Distances Between Their Eyes. The Bodies Piled. The Bodies Stiffened. The Bodies Remained all Night and Shinned into the Day. The Moonlight Fight for the Marines on Guadalcanal. The Coffee was Hot Back at the Naval Ship as the Marines Heard how Famous They became at the Canal. They Crawled like a Snake on Either Side as the Prayers of the Lord Drifted Down on the Canal for the Men Killing Each Other on Guadalcanal...


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