This world is my battlefield

A place to exercise my right

Inflicting pain as I see fit

On my ignorant throne I sit


This life is my killing zone

A place to deliver my hate

Causing death just for fun

Cowardly hiding behind my gun


I am a walking atrocity

You are all in the minority

No challenge will I deny

Those I hate shall die


I am crawling monstrosity

Full of confidence & vanity

No fight will I turn down

I am God, here's my crown


This earth is my battle zone

A place to exert my strength

Tearing apart all of life

Slashing wildly with my knife


My existence is a killing field

A place to abuse my power

Destroying all as I see fit

From my stubborn tower, I spit


© 2018 Unsub


  • Goldfinch60

    Hello "God",
    So you think that you are going to win!
    I have other ideas.
    You come into MY Universe
    Thinking your "God".
    Well I beg to differ.
    Who do you think created you?
    I did!
    You were just an experiment,
    An experiment that has failed!
    So unless you see the light
    I will change your ways
    To those of joy and love.
    Begone you Devil!

    Good dark write Unsub, you are really back on stream with this one.

    • Unsub


      I enjoyed this one; so many themes in it that I've forgotten which the real one was now!


    • orchidee

      Good write as a poem in itself Unsub. There's different beliefs everywhere, even on this MPS site.
      This could sound more like the God in places of the Old Testament.
      I'm cautious though: 'What a person is before God, that he (or she) is, and no more' as wise St Francis of Assisi said. Best to have humble pie then.

      • Unsub


        MPS is filled to the brim with religious poets; trying to sift through them to find one with an open mind is not so easy as the moment you question them they block, ban & ignore you!

        Thanks for reading,


        • orchidee

          Well yes. On a secular 'away day' at work it got rather religious. The manageress was a minister's wife; a guest speaker who almost gave a sermon was a retired Minister, another speaker led a church youth group, and the wife of one of them did a bit of conversion practice on an agnostic.We couldn't escape, except jump in the river, as we were all on a boat! heehee.
          I suppose it works both way - religious needing to be open to non-religious, and vice versa. I don't aim to force it on anyone.

        • sylviasearcher

          This is really thought provoking.


          'God-like' Seems to be a description of humans?

          • Unsub


            God-like = humans? Maybe! You decide!


          • Laura


            I get the message the poem is conveying. There are two things that I don’t get.
            Why is this godlike figure’s throne ignorant? And why is he/she “cowardly hiding behind my gun”? Perhaps it’s not a God after all!
            A lot to think about!

            As always...


            • Unsub


              think you answered your own question!


              • Laura


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